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About Uno: 

Originating from the East but nurtured in the West, UNO, a rapper and producer, emerges as "the one," skillfully embracing a rap and R&B style that spans the entire country.

UNO employs his vocal prowess to weave narratives of challenges and triumphs experienced as a black man, maturing amidst urban landscapes and persistently striving to transcend and liberate himself from the establishment. His composed verses, reminiscent of the iconic Rick Ross, are imbued with insights and sagacity acquired exclusively from the crucible of life's difficulties.

Recently, UNO took a step into the realm of production alongside the multi-talented artist Justin Engel. Collectively, they have co-crafted Engel's inaugural R&B venture, "The DIVINE EP" (July 2020), and the hip-hop mixtape titled "Quarantine Chronicles" (September 2020).