New Album!


Justin Engel’s Hip-Hop and R&B Debut Album “The DVINE Project” Reminds us that Lust, Loyalty and Trust are all Part of Love’s Divine Timing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 21, 2020) - Native to the Bay Area, artist Justin Engel takes us on a raw, vulnerable yet romantic and soulful journey restoring our faith that all good things come to us at precisely the right moment. In his opening song, “I Told You”, Engel “bids adieu” to the haters of the past and sets the stage for elevating to the next level of greatness through love and inspiration.

His multi-faceted, cross-genre vocal delivery brings all the feel- good, sexy vibes to songs like “Body”, “Staycation” and “Intertwine”. The songs come to us at the perfect time, while the nation is forced to stay home and get closer to their loved ones. Engel gets the vibe on these just right, featuring infectious musical solos and urban bass rhythms. Grab your boo, a glass of wine, dim the lights and be ready to feel some “Type of Way”.

Engel tugs at our heartstrings in “Champagne Dreams”, an honest experience of heartache and breakup, with an electric guitar solo that reminds us of the late, great, Prince. Not all is lost, and through faith love is restored. Engel and his featured artists attune to the flow of the universe to overcome tribulations.

In a tribute to his late grandmother, Engel reflects on the beautiful soul of a “sassy, classy, spicy, loving Virtuous Woman” who lived through obstacles and struggles, rising out of despair and ultimately finding true love.

“It’s about finding your way through the storms and each time coming out stronger, wiser and better than how you went in,” Engel says about his inspiration for the album. “Ultimately, we all want true and unconditional love with someone who shares common values - this album reminds us that by surrendering to divine timing, love is within us and all around us.”

About Justin Engel:
An accomplished music producer with more than a decade of experience in the industry behind the scenes, Justin Engel steps in front of the microphone as a solo performer, making a name for himself as a passionate vocalist with intellectual and clever lyrics that stimulate the mind and soul.

Engel’s inspiration to record a solo album came after recent heartbreak. He found himself navigating post-divorce life and used that as an opportunity to influence others through his music and by following his visions and dreams.

Engel’s previous work ranges from song placements on television programs such as CSI Miami and MTV's Made, to promotional anthems for the San Francisco 49ers. A multitalented performer, Engel has also been featured as a model and actor for numerous nationwide promotional campaigns and television shows such as Ben & Jerry’s, Nordstrom, Toyota, Apple, Verizon, Zelle, and Wives with Knives.