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Justin Engel’s Follow-Up SingleNo Free Daze feat Cleetus Kasiody, Takes an Honest Look at the Life of a Busy Go-Getter and the Effect it Has on Their Relationships

SAN JOSE, CA (June 9, 2022) - They say there's no rest for the weary. Justin Engel & Cleetus Kasiody team up to tell their side of that story with the follow-up single, "No Free Daze".

This mellow, vibed-out song leads off with Engel walking us through a typical day in the life of a go-getter, determined to achieve his goals and elevate to new levels of inspiration and success. But there's a catch! The path to success is sometimes a lonely one. When you've been away for too long, the people you once thought you knew change, or rather, the way they view you changes.

In the opening verse, Engel makes a reference to characters from the animated movie, The Lion King, in the line, "like Mufasa & Scar, I should have shown love from afar" with a creative metaphor about his feelings for allowing himself to build unhealthy attachments to acquaintances that appraise his value by his material possessions and social status.

You can't judge someone's character by what they post on social media, especially if they're an entertainer. My public social media accounts are strictly for entertainment purposes. I prefer to keep my private life to myself”, Engel says about his inspiration for the song. “Basically, if I care about something and want to protect it, I keep it off of the open internet. For me, making music is like therapy. This is why I stay so busy in the studio creating new songs. It's a lifestyle. This is why I have No Free Daze."

About Justin Engel:
An accomplished music producer with more than a decade of experience in the industry behind the scenes, Justin Engel steps in front of the microphone as a solo performer, making a name for himself as a passionate vocalist with intellectual lyrics that resonate with the soul.

Engel’s previous work ranges from song placements on television programs such as CSI Miami and MTV's Made, to promotional anthems for the San Francisco 49ers. A multitalented performer, Engel has also been featured as a model and actor for numerous nationwide promotional campaigns (Nordstrom, Apple, Zelle, Toyota, Verizon, Ben & Jerry’s) and television shows such as Wives with Knives.